ビジネススクールでは金融、会計、マーケティング、統計、ヒューマンリソース、企業の社会的責任など、ビジネスに必要な様々なテーマについて学び ます。DBSは日本の京都にあり、伝統産業や中小企業に関するテーマに加え、同志社の創設者である新島襄の精神である「良心」についても学ぶことができま す。



 DBSNはこのDBSを卒業しMBAホルダーとなった修了生に加え、在校生、教職員も参加する同窓会組織を超えた繋 がりです。更に、現在では秋に世界20カ国以上の国々から入学してくるGlobalMBAコースの修了生、在校生も加わり、Global Networkとして広がっています。

 DBSNはこうした会員相互の交流を図り、卒業しても更に自己研鑚できる場を提供してい ます。学び舎である京都の寒梅館のみならず、多くの修了生が活躍する東京でのイベントの開催などにも取り組んでいます。更に、世界各地で活躍する会員をつ なぐため、今回、新たなホームページを作成する運びとなりました。この場を通じて、DBSNのイベントの様子や学内での出来事などを発信することにより、 会員相互の繋がりを強くし、ビジネスの場のみならず、ビジネスの前提となる「良心」に基づく世界の平和創造へとつながる大きな和となるよう、会員の皆さま と一緒に弛まぬ歩みを続けて参ります。



西村 隆志(にしむら たかし)




We can learn about various themes necessary to a business at a business school. Those are finance, accounting, marketing, the statistics, human resource administration and social responsibility of an enterprise. In addition to the above themes, we are able to learn at DBS in Kyoto in Japan, about "traditional industry", "small and the medium-sized enterprises" and also ‘Conscience’ which is Joseph Neesima's philosophy which is a founder of Doshisha.


DBSN is the relation beyond the alumni association organization which graduates from this DBS and participates in a student and a teaching staff member as well as the completion student who became an MBA holder, too. Moreover the completion student and the student in a GlobalMBA course entering a school from countries of more than 20 worlds in autumn are added and spread as Global Network present, too.


DBSN plans for an exchange between such members, and after graduating, offers the place you can do own tracing of. Even Tokyo where many graduates play an active part as well as holding of an event in Kambaikan in Kyoto are working on holding of an event. Moreover to connect the member who plays an active part at world all part, we made the new web pages in this time. I continue the steps which don't sag with everybody of a member so that it'll be the big total which makes the relation between the members strong by sending an affair by the state of the event and on campus of DBSN through this place and gets in touch to peaceful creation in the world based on "conscience" which becomes the premise of the business as well as a place by the business.


Chairman of the DBS Network

Takashi Nishimura, Master of Law, Juris Doctor,MBA

Finished Doshisha Business School,in the class of 2016

Nishimura Takashi Law Firm Representative